Chesca Garcia Talks Relationships & Crushes To Kendra Kramer

Chesca Garcia Speaks W/ Kendra Kramer About Relationships & Crushes

CHESCA GARCIA – Celebrity mom Chesca Garcia talked to daughter Kendra Kramer about relationships and crushes.

Clair Kendra Kramer, Scarlett Louvelle Kramer, and Gavin Phoenix Kramer are the three adorable children of Doug Kramer and Cheska Garcia. They belong to one of the most well-known celebrity families in the country.

Last January, Kendra revealed her dream career. She said she wants to be a supermodel someday.

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In her role as a mother, Chesca Garcia has reached the point when she speaks to her eldest daughter Kendra about relationships and having crushes.

Speaking on PUSH Bets Live, the actress-host revealed that, unlike her teenage years, she makes sure to explain to Kendra the rules of dating and the reasons why she isn’t yet old enough to have a boyfriend.

“I remember when I was younger, things were not explained to me so thoroughly. ‘Di ba, what we’re used to is ‘pag merong boyfriend, ‘pag merong crush, pinapagalitan ka kaagad. Pero you are not actually explained why you can’t have a boyfriend, why you can’t be in a relationship yet,” she said.

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“So I think now, it’s being generous also with explaining to our children,” Cheska continued. “I always tell Kendra, ‘It’s normal to admire someone. Maybe you can admire their looks, their intelligence, how good they are in sports. But it doesn’t mean that you’re really ready to be in a relationship, or that’s already a crush.’

“Kasi you have to be able to differentiate at your age a crush or wanting to be in a relationship. But I always tell her, one day, that time will come when you’re ready, when you have accomplished what you need to accomplish, when you’re spiritually, emotionally matured. So it takes so much more than that.”

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Chesca Garcia, on the other hand, expressed her happiness that Kendra hasn’t yet reached the stage of developing crushes. Kendra will turn 14 years old this June.

“I’d like to believe that she tells me everything, but I always ask her, and she’d always tells me, ‘No, Mommy. I don’t think about that.’ She knows that when she goes to school, she’s there to study. She has friends, but her goal there is to really study,” Chesca stressed.

“Although there’s some that she’ll say, ‘Oh, I admire because he’s intelligent,’ this and that. But she doesn’t mistake that as an emotion that she has to take into action.”

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