Zeinab Harake Hilarious Reply To Body Shamer

Here’s Zeinab Harake’s Funny Reply To Body Shamer

ZEINAB HARAKE – Youtube star and endorser Zeinab Harahe has a hilarious response to body shamer.

It was a dream come true for social media influencer Zeinab Harake to be able to attend the concert of her idol South Korean girl group BLACKPINK. This Saturday, March 25, 2023, Zeinab is one of the celebrities and influencers spotted at BLACKPINK’s two-day Born Pink Manila Concert held at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan.

On Instagram on March 26, Zeinab shared some photos taken of her at the BLACKPINK concert experience. She wore a pink backless body suit, black shorts, boots, and a black cap.

Photo Source: @zeinab_harake IG

Zeinab Harake’s caption (published as is) reads, “Happy girl [red and black heart emoji]. 03-25-23 #BlackPink.”

Aside from the fans who were like “sana all,” one comment caught Zeinab’s attention causing her to reply. The netizen noticed that the chest of the YouTuber appeared bigger.

Netizen’s comment (published as is): “Bakit lumaki yung osus mo e dati naman wala hahahaha.”

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Photo Source: @zeinab_harake IG

Zeinab Harake’s response to the netizen was hilarious. She told her that it was just silicon and it became bigger because she was pushed into the crowd.

“Silicon lang sis, na-push sa sikip [laugh emoji],” she wrote.

Photo Source: @zeinab_harake IG

While Zeinab Harake shrugged off the netizen’s comment, her fans came to her defense. In their defense, the netizen’s comment on Zeinab is called “body shaming” which should not be normalized.

A fan said, “Grabe sa body shame. Pati ba naman yun pinapansin?”

Another said, “Your dedication is unreal. You had enough time to create a fake account just to say that? Wow [laugh and clap emoji].”

Another said, “Natural yun pag-mommy ka.”

One commented angrily, “Pati s*so ng may s*so pinoproblema mo. Halatang walang magawa sa buhay.”

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