Andi Eigenmann Says Showbiz Is Not Really For Her

Andi Eigenmann talked about her decision to leave the entertainment industry

Celebrity mom Andi Eigenmann said that showbiz is not really for her as she chose a life on the island of Siargao after leaving her acting career.

Andi came from a popular showbiz clan. Her mother, veteran actress Jaclyn Jose, is one of the most prominent senior stars now. When Andi joined showbiz, it was quite expected of her to follow in the footsteps of her relatives.

However, not long after she started her showbiz career, Andi chose to lay low. She decided to stay in Siargao where she found the love of her life, surfer Philmar Alipayo. Many showbiz fans admired the decision that the celebrity mom made for her own well-being.

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In a recent vlog that actress Carla Humphries shared, Andi Eigenmann clarified that it is not true that she left the entertainment industry because she was not happy, based on the article in Bandera.

The reason why I left the industry was to basically find myself, the place where I belong…I feel like, me leaving the industry were mistaken by a lot as a way of me blaming the industry for my unhappiness. But it was not anything like that at all,” Andi Eigenmann stressed.

She added that when she entered the entertainment industry, she was not yet aware of this thing, and at that time she did not know yet who she really was.

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Andi also said that entering the entertainment industry, one should be willing to be a blank slate. However, she said that she can’t do that when her backbone was not that strong.

The celebrity mom also admitted that she misses the entertainment industry and doing acting projects again. Andi also said that even though she has learned a lot from showbiz, there is one important realization that happened to her.

I look back on all the good things because I learned so much and I grew so much from experiencing that, even if I realized at some point that being in the industry, being a celebrity is not for me,” Andi Eigenmann said.

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