P28-M Worth of Cocaine Hidden in Soaps Seized from a Turkish

BOC Seized P28-M Worth of Cocaine Hidden in Soaps from Luggage of Turkish National

The personnel of the Bureau of Customs (BOC) seized P28 million worth of cocaine hidden in the soaps carried by a Turkish national.

A Turkish national was apprehended at Ninoy Aquino International Airport carrying more than three kilograms of suspected cocaine (NAIA). The accused was recognized as Kemal Ozenir by BOC workers.

According to BOC Commissioner Bien Rubio, the inspectors got suspicious during the check after seeing a large amount of soap on the suspect’s suitcase. When it was investigated, the cocaine that had been concealed in the soap was discovered.

Turkish Cocaine Soaps

According to Rubio, the recovered illegal drugs were liquid and powder cocaine. Based on the report of Manila Bulletin, the suspect arrived from Dubai on Emirates Airlines flight number EK 332 and was originally from Brazil.

According to Rubio, the current street value of confiscated cocaine is P28,858,500. Authorities also seized evidence, including one brown suitcase with a variety of garments and shoes, one Turkish passport, two boarding passes, one Turkish national ID card, one State of Qatar residency permit ID card, and one mobile phone.

The suspect will face charges under the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act and the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act. The authorities will look into if a group was engaged and where the collected cocaine should be disposed of.

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