DOJ to Issue “International Lookout Bulletin” Against Arnie Teves

“International Lookout Bulletin” is Set to Be Issued Against NegOr Rep Arnie Teves

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is set to issue an “international lookout bulletin” against Negros Oriental Rep Arnulfo “Arnie” Teves Jr.

During a media event in Quezon City, DOJ spokesperson Mico Clavano stated that they had taken safeguards and that we will take additional precautions because their cases are increasing. All people involved in the Degamo slaying were discussed for inclusion on the INTERPOL Blue Notice, Clavan noted.

“We have taken precautions and we will take further precautions because our cases are increasing. So, all those that are in relation to the Degamo slay, we have taken concrete steps to issue an international lookout bulletin, we have discussed putting people on the INTERPOL Blue Notice,” Clavano said.

“We hope to do that maybe next week, just so that we are aware of the movements of our respondents who may very well be involved in the Degamo slay and who may be vital in our investigation,” he added.

Teves International Lookout Bulletin

Meanwhile, Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla indicated that Teves has departed the United States and is currently “somewhere in Asia”. Some believe Teves is in Cambodia, while others believe he is in South Korea, based on the report.

The DOJ believed Teves would return to the nation after Speaker Martin Romualdez urged him to reconsider his decision to remain in the country despite the allegations lodged against him. If required, the Minister of Foreign Affairs may request Teves’ deportation from the nation in which he now resides.

“It’s more of the DFA’s jurisdiction to ask for or to request deportation dahil sila po iyong may jurisdiction doon sa mga foreign relations po natin,” Clavano said.

“Although, of course, we’d want to exhaust all our remedies not to go through that type of route that we request deportation. So, as of right now, maybe Speaker Romualdez, Secretary Remulla are just calling for to go home first, on his own volition,” he added.

Teves’ lawyer, Ferdinand Topacio, claims that his client will not return to the Philippines while the case against him is still pending. He expressed concern for his own safety.

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