Watcher Takes Senior Citizen Hostage in a Hospital in Pagadian

Senior Citizen Got Hostage by a Watcher in a Hospital in Pagadian

A patient watcher who is allegedly suffering from depression took a senior citizen hostage in a hospital in Pagadian City.

A video of a hostage takeover shows a man holding a senior citizen at knifepoint at the Zamboanga Del Sur Medical Center. According to the report, both the suspect and the victim were hospital observers.

Danny Alvaro, 48, of New Katipuna, Midsalip, was identified as the culprit, and Saturnina Vergas of Sagacad, Dinas, Zamboanga Del Sur, as the victim. The defendant surrendered to authorities after requesting that his replacement observer arrive, according to the report.

Hospital Watcher Hostage Pagadian

After his cousin came, the suspect let go of the victim. The police then grabbed him and removed the knife from him. The hostage crisis began when the watcher was kidnapped in the comfort room but had commission, fled, and a minor was hurt.

The hostage was unharmed. According to reports, the suspect was the assigned guard for an uncle in the hospital. During the bargaining, the suspect requested his cousin so that he may be relieved of his duty of observing.

According to the investigation, the suspect may be depressed. A major illegal detention complaint will be brought against him.

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