Nadine Lustre On What Living In Siargao Taught Her

Living in Siargao has taught Nadine Lustre this one thing.

NADINE LUSTRE – Siargao always has something that makes people stay and one of them is Nadine Lustre. This is what she learned staying there.

Siargao is now one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. It is an island for surfers – a tiny haven that has huge waves, white sand islets, turquoise tide pools, and hidden lagoons.

It was even declared the world’s most beautiful island back in 2018.

And this island has this magnetizing effect on Nadine Lustre. To recall, when she temporarily stepped away from the limelight, she was seen on the island often.

And just recently, she spoke about what Siargao taught her when she stayed there for a time.

In staying in Siargao, she learned to “appreciate the art of a slower life”. Her life in Manila is at a quick pace like everything is happening all at once right before her very eyes. But in Siargao, she loved the slowed pace of life.

Staying in Siargao made her realize that she is actually capable of slowing down her life and getting used to it. She could get used to having a more laid-back and peaceful life.

And now that she’s returned fully to do more showbiz work, going to Siargao became like her short sweet escape.

“When I’m in Manila I grind as much as I can, then I go to Siargao to breathe. That’s really my sanctuary,” she said. She admits that handling both her island and city life is a bit difficult but she is doing her best to balance her time.

“It’s a bit difficult [adjusting] to be honest. It’s like living two lives. Parang Hannah Montana,” she expressed based on Cosmo.


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