Joyride Rider Receives Deodorant from Passenger: “Di ko alam kung sinadya eh”

Joyride Rider Receives Deodorant from the Payment of His Passenger

JOYRIDE – A ride-hailing rider received a deodorant lotion from his passenger after giving the payment for his service goes viral.

“Joyride” is a ride-hailing and delivery business headquartered in the Philippines that offers motorbike taxis and delivery services, competing with other ride-hailing services in the Philippines such as Grab and Angkas.

Joyride Rider Deodorant

Customers may book a ride through the Joyride app and track their ride in real-time, as well as other safety measures like GPS tracking, helmet regulations, and insurance coverage for both passengers and riders.

Meanwhile, on the Joyride PH Motorcycle Taxi Facebook page, a rider revealed an amusing item he received from his passenger. Mark Carlos Canindo, a gang member, revealed that he received a men’s deo lotion in addition to the cash supplied by his passenger.

Joyride Rider Deodorant

In his caption, he asks whether the passenger gave it on purpose, leading him to believe he had body odor, or if it was really a slip that came with the money.

“di ko alam kung naipit sa bayad o sinadya eh,” he said.

His post went popular on social media, eliciting a variety of comments from the online community. Several netizens made the amusing allegation that he has a “putok,” which is why he was given the deodorant.

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