Snatcher Nabbed After Call Center Victim Chased Him in Malabon

Snatcher of Cellphone Arrested Call Center Victim Chased Him Down

Police authorities arrested a snatcher of cell phone after the call center he victimized chased him down in Malabon City.

A 30-year-old snatcher was arrested after being pursued and grabbed by a contact center agent. According to the police complaint, he did this after stealing an expensive cellphone in Malabon City.

Malabon police chief P/Col. Amante Daro identified the arrested suspect as Jeffrey Santillan, of Blk 32, Lot 46, Phase 2, Area 2, Brgy. NBBS, Navotas City. Meanwhile, the victim was identified as Patrick Manahan, a call center agent of Martin St. Barangay Tugatog.

Malabon Snatcher Call Center

According to PSSg Diego Ngippol and PCpl Rocky Pagindas’ inquiry, the victim was only riding the passenger e-trike to work near his apartment at around 3 a.m. while using his cellphone. The guy emerged out of nowhere and snatched what the victim was holding.

According to the report, Manahan did not lose heart and quickly dismounted his e-trike and pursued the suspect. Thankfully, he grabbed the suspect’s clothing, causing him to be knocked down.

Joven Bacolod, P/SSgt, and P/Cpl. Richard Guiang of Malabon Police Sub-Station 2 happened to be patrolling the neighborhood at the time and swiftly apprehended the culprit after the victim sought their assistance.

The police apprehended the offender and retrieved the pricey black iPhone 13 Pro Max worth P70,000 that he stole from the victim. Santillan is being held at the Malabon Police Custodial Center on a robbery snatching complaint filed by the Malabon City Fiscal.

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