John Matthew Salilig Father Appeals Death Penalty for Hazing

Father of John Matthew Salilig Wants Death Penalty for Hazing Suspects

The father of late Adamson University student John Matthew Salilig wants the death for penalty suspects of hazing.

In an interview with ANC, Joeffrey Salilig stated that he supports the reinstatement of the death penalty for individuals found guilty of hazing activities. He emphasized that his change might be included in the Anti-Hazing Legislation.

“Kung magkakaroon lang sana tayo ng death penalty with regards to this hazing, then maybe pwede na siguro isa sa mga pwedeng ma amendahan diyan sa Anti-Hazing Law,” elder Salilig said.

“I am now in favor of this so that itong mga fraternities involved sa ganitong initiation rites will really observe, no, hindi na nila gagawin ‘yan pag alam nila ganito na ‘yung stiffer penalty,” he added.

Salilig Hazing Death Penalty

When asked about ideas that hazing creates brotherhood, Joeffrey stated that initiation procedures should be reduced. Based on the report of GMA News, he bemoaned the 70 paddles and 70 blows administered to fraternity newcomers.

“Maybe five or six or seven paddles. That could be enough but not yung mag we-welcome ka lang for example, bibigyan mo ng 70 paddles, 70 blows. That’s too much. It’s an inhuman act,” he added.

For Salilig’s family, this implies the case is already “settled.” According to Joeffrey, these Tau Gamma fraternity brothers have already been informally charged due to probable cause.

“Dito sa investigation case natin, I think it is already solved kasi andyan na ‘yun eh… itong members ng Tau Gamma fraternity… has been already, because of probable cause, has been informally charged,” Joeffrey said. 

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