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Pinoy Henyo Contestant “Nagmura” During Intense Guessing

Pinoy Henyo Contestant “Nagmura” During Intense Guessing

Pinoy Henyo Contestant Goes Viral After “Nagmura” Amid Intense Guessing

Another Pinoy Henyo contestant goes viral on social media after allegedly “nagmura” amid intense guessing during the game.

Pinoy Henyo is one of Eat Bulaga’s most popular and memorable game parts! Pinoy Henyo has become a popular parlor game for individuals of many ages, genders, socioeconomic backgrounds, religions, and more.

Eat Bulaga! The segment has been termed the “pambansang laro ng bayan” by host Joey de Leon due to its extraordinary popularity as a Filipino parlor game. The section was given the new moniker “paboritong laro ng bayan” over time due to its popularity in numerous Filipino occasions.

Recently, a competitor was chastised on social media for allegedly cheating during a guessing game. Netizens spotted Lyka appearing to mouth “stomach,” the word that her lover Ryan needs to guess.

Ryan and Lyka explained their behavior on the Valentine’s Day edition of Pinoy Henyo. The contestant was called “Stomach Girl” by the online community. The competitors apologized to the audience. They maintained that they had no plans to cheat.

Similarly, on the most recent episode of the longest-running noontime show, another Pinoy Henyo competitor went viral on social media for hilarious reactions during the guessing game rather than cheating. Two couples were intensively guessing the phrases to win the game during the jackpot round of the episode.

Pinoy Henyo Contestant Nagmura

The couple failed to guess the first two Henyo words and thus passed the round. The third word, “Boracay,” was correctly guessed by a competitor called Erica. Her partner Raven, on the other hand, failed to correctly guess “Kara David’s” name and was eliminated.

Meanwhile, Erica expressed an uncommon move on the fifth Henyo word, which was caught by the hosts. Because of the rigorous guessing round, Erica was caught “nagmura,” or badmouthing. The host can also be seen tapping Erica after pronouncing the swear word.

As a result of her actions, their time was cut short, causing them to end early. Erica afterward apologized for her actions, and the TV hosts were seen chuckling. Allan K, one of the hosts, also apologized and stated that they couldn’t avoid it because they were live.

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