Camille Prats Reacts to Mom Planning to Use Son as Retirement Plan

Camille Prats Expresses Reactions to Mom in Eat Bulaga Eyeing Son as Retirement Plan

Celebrity mother Camille Prats expresses her reactions to the mom in Eat Bulaga eyeing to use her son as their retirement plan.

The TV host was asked if she agreed with Maine Mendoza’s sermon to a mother participating in Eat Bulaga’s “Bawal Judgmental” during an interview with King of Talk Boy Abunda. The hosts and audience are perplexed by the mother’s statement regarding her son.

The mother contestant stated that her 7-year-old son will lift her and her family out of poverty. Maine then advises the mother not to give her children too much responsibility, as this will raise the family out of poverty when they grow up and finish school.

Camille Prats Retirement Plan

Meanwhile, on “Fast Talk,” Tito Boy questioned the former child star about what he thought about it. Camille stated that she agrees with Maine. As a child celebrity, she stated that she preferred working in show business and that no one, including her parents, forced her to do so.

“Naniniwala ako na tama ‘yon, Tito Boy… kasi as a child, as a child star, ginusto ko ‘yon eh. Kaya nga sinasabi ko sa mommy ko, ‘You know mom, I’m so blessed and I’m so fortunate that at the age of 4 years old, sinabi ko sa ‘yo na gusto kong mag-artista. Naniwala ka sa akin,’” said Camille.

According to legend, their family’s income was not entirely based on his performance. For Boy, it is not correct to state that a person’s admission into showbiz is a means out of poverty, because getting into showbiz is not an easy job, and Camille agrees.

In this aspect, she does not believe that her childhood was “taken” as a result of her early career in acting. Boy asked this in response to former Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano’s admission that she sacrificed her youth to work as an actress. Camille’s biography begins at the age of seven when she began working as an actress in the children’s show “Ang TV.”

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