Tau Gamma Phi Allegedly Offers Benefits to Recruit Members

Recruits Are Allegedly Being Offered Benefits Just to Join Tau Gamma Phi Fraternity

A concerned student revealed that the Tau Gamma Phi is offering benefits to student recruits just to join their fraternity.

Tau Gamma Phi’s strategy of recruiting members to the institution was revealed by an Adamson University student. Ryan Camanyang, a 21-year-old third-year electrical engineering student, told the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in his affidavit that he had been “courted” for a long time to join Tau Gamma Phi.

Tau Gamma Phi Benefits

Yet, in December of last year, he accepted owing to pressure from a friend. Camanyang emphasized in his affidavit the benefits of becoming a member of Tau Gamma Phi. Among the perks they promised was a P3,000 allowance per semester for joining their fraternity and there are TGP-member professors who will assist them with their studies.

“Mga benepisyo na pwede naming makuha tulad ng P3000, kada semester na allowance, at sinasabi nila na merong mga professor na miyembro ng TGP na makakatulong sa aming pag-aaral, pagkakaroon ng mga koneksyon sa bawat lugar,” Camanyang stated in his affidavit.

“Pormalidad na lang ang ibibigay sa amin na bente kwatro trads (palo) pero kung meron pang ibang ma-recruit ay hahatiin na lang ang 24 trads sa amin kaya kami napasali sa grupo,” he added.

Camanyang’s father, on the other hand, was highly concerned when he accompanied his son to the NBI. The father told the online news outlet Politiko that he was concerned about his younger kid and asked him to participate in the authorities’ investigation.

Based on the report, hundreds of pages of group conversations of members of Camanyang’s fraternity who were involved in the hazing in which another Adamson University student, John Matthew Salilig, died were included in Camanyang’s submission to the NBI. The group chat has been removed, although it is unknown who destroyed it.

According to Camanyang, his sister assisted him in requesting the contents of their group chat from February 16-19, 2023 from Facebook. His lawyer stated that they obtained a copy of the group chat through Facebook and included it in the testimony they presented to Camanyang about what happened throughout the hazing ceremonies till Salilig died and was buried.

Camanyang went on to say that one of their seniors from the Tau Gamma Phi Adamson chapter even told them to act normally when they returned to school so they wouldn’t be questioned.

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