Lawyers for Leni to Make a Move to Stop Darryl Yap’s “MaM”

Lawyers for Leni to Take Action Against the Showing of Darryl Yap’s “MaM”

Lawyers who are supporters of former vice president Leni Robredo will make a move to stop the showing of Darryl Yap’s upcoming film “Mabuhay Aloha Mabuhay” (MaM).

Darryl Yap, the controversial director, has created a trilogy named “Maid in Malacaang,” or MiM, on the life of the Marcoses during Martial Law. After that will be Martyr or Murderer (MoM) and Mabuhay Aloha Mabuhay (MaM).

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Yap added that the second segment would focus on the Marcoses’ involvement in the death of former Senator Ninoy Aquino at the Manila International Airport. Yap wants people to believe that the assassination was not carried out by the Marcos family.

Yap’s films about Marcos have drawn criticism from both opponents and detractors. Some netizens wanted his videos to be banned because of suspected historical revisionism and depicting lies about the Marcoses and Aquinos.

Attorneys for Leni, a group of lawyers supporting Angat Buhay founder Leni Robredo, declared on Facebook that they will stop showing the director’s Mabuhay Aloha Mabuhay. Yap’s trilogy continues with The MaM, the third installment.

According to Coach Jarret’s excerpt, a specific Claire Sumalinog indicated that their group will take action to stop the showing of the deceptive show. The hashtag #SanaSiLeniNalang can also be observed in the post.

“Kikilos ang Lawyers for Leni para pigilan ang pag ere ng kasinungalingan palabras na Mabuhay Aloha Mabuhay!” said on the post.

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