Ruffa Gutierrez Reveals Annabelle Rama Called the Mother of her past Suitor

Ruffa Gutierrez Speaks What Annabelle Rama Did to her Past Suitors

RUFFA GUTIERREZ – The actress-beauty queen revealed that Annabelle Rama has called the mother of her suitors in the past.

In the Philippine showbiz industry, one of the known clans is the Gutierrez family. Most of the members of the family are in the show business. The family’s patriarch is the Philippine’s Elvis Presley, veteran actor Eddie Gutierrez, and talent manager Annabelle Rama.

Eddie and Annabelle have six (6) children – their only daughter, actress-beauty queen Ruffa Gutierrez, and five (5) sons including former matinee idol Richard Gutierrez and TV host Raymond Gutierrez. A lot of people are undeniably hesitant towards the talent manager because she is known as a vocal person who really speaks her mind.

Meanwhile, those who are close to Annabelle always speaks about her generosity. She is close to a lot of celebrities in the show business.
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Aside from being someone who really speaks her mind, Annabelle Rama is known as a protective mother to Ruffa Gutierrez. There were several instances when she gave her say on the relationship of her daughter.

Recently, during her guest interview for the vlog of Korina Sanchez, Ruffa Gutierrez revealed that when she was young and she does not want the guy who is courting her, Annabelle Rama would call the mothers of her past suitors to ask them to tell their sons to stay away from her daughter. The actress-beauty queen further claimed that there were instances when her mom called her suitors or would tell them to go home if they visit their house to see her.

“Up to now, nakiki-alam pa rin si mommy. I think a mom will never stop becoming a mom no matter how old you are,” Ruffa said.

According to Ruffa, when she became a mother, that was when she realized what Annabelle was doing. Here’s the vlog interview posted on YouTube:

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