JK Labajo to Rest from Music Career: “Nae-enjoy  ko ‘yung pag-acting”

JK Labajo Admits Wants to Rest from Music and Focus on Acting Career

JK LABAJO – The singer of the hit song “Buwan” admitted that he wanted to take a rest from his music career and just focus on acting.

Juan Karlos Labajo confessed during an interview during the premiere night of “Ako Si Ninoy” at Rockwell Cinema that he intended to take a break from his music career. JK is now promoting the film directed by Vince Taada.

JK Labajo Music Career

Aside from the JK, Pinky Amador, Sarah Holmes, Johnrey Rivas, Cassy Legazpi, Marlo Mortel, Joaquin Domagoso, Vean Olmedo, Donita Nose, JM Yosures, Bodjie Pascua, Jim Paredes, Lovely Rivero, Tuesday Vargas, Sarah Javier, John Gabriel, Brylle Mondejar, Sharmaine Suarez, Nicole Laurel Asensio, and Lance Raymundo were also part of the film.

Meanwhile, it appears that JK is finally enjoying his acting career, which he used to despise. This comes after he stated his intention to temporarily discontinue his music career.

“Baka nga tumigil ako sa music this time. Actually, balak kong maglabas ng album for this year. Nae-enjoy  ko ‘yung pag-acting. Dati kasi, na-burnout ako sa acting. Ngayon naman, medyo lie low sa music  tapos focus sa acting,” said the singer.

JK will release numerous songs in 2022, including “Shot Puno,” “Araw,” “Buksan,” and “Aminin,” among others. The Voice Kids Philippines alumnus rose to prominence with songs such as “Buwan” and “Demonyo,” among others.

Meanwhile, during the interview, the young actor was asked about his reactions to politically charged material, such as the previous box office success of “Maid in Malacanang” by controversial director Darryl Yap and “Katips” by Tañada, as well as the upcoming films “Ako Si Ninoy”, “Oras de Peligro”, and “Martyr or Murderer”.

“Feeling ko, there’s a hidden sort of film war going on. Honestly, at the same time, basta gawa lang tayo ng movie. Masaya na ‘yun,”said JK.

“But at the end of the day, we’re just making a film, following what’s on the books of what we learned in school,” he added during the interview.

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