Rosanna Roces on “Pabakat” of Joseph Marco: “Dyusko nagkakasala ako”

Rosanna Roces Reacts to the Daring “Pabakat” Photo of Joseph Marco

Veteran actress Rosanna Roces goes viral over her reaction to the “pabakat” photo of hunk actor Joseph Marco on Instagram.

Actor Joseph Marco apparently stepped outside of his comfort zone on Instagram. This comes after he posted a daring photo on his account, which stunned the online community.

Rosanna Roces Joseph Marco

This Tuesday, Feb. 14, the actor casually published his first “hubad” shot for an underwear endorsement. As a result, his fans, even seasoned actress Rosanna Roces, appear unable to prepare.

“I decided this year to get out of my comfort zone, so for the first time I’m sharing with you my very first underwear endorsement! Grateful to be part of this family!” said the actor in his Instagram post.

Several netizens, including his showbiz pals Joross Gamboa, Albie Casio, and content producer Christian Antolin, have reacted to the ostensibly revealing snapshot. Rosanna, a seasoned actress, couldn’t help herself and waved Joseph’s “pabakat”.

“Tabi tabi po… Nuno sa Punso! 😂” laugh trip na komento ni Joross Gamboa.

“Entry of the year candidate right here!” saad naman ni Albie Casino.

“Yami hatdog my tomeee!” said Christian Antolin.

“Dyusko tanghaling tapat may pabakat si mayor! 🙈🙈🙈 nagkakasala ako nito! 😂” commented the actress.

Rosanna’s frank remark elicited only laughter and gasoline from the internet. Based on the reaction of netizens, it appears that the actor’s debut as the face of the company was an immediate success due to the attention it received.

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