2 Scammers Earned P800k for Scamming Stores with E-Wallets

2 Scammers Victimizing Stores with E-Wallets Garnered P800k Worth of Money

Police authorities arrested two (2) scammers allegedly victimizing stores with e-wallets and garnered P800k of money.

Two guys have been arrested in connection with a string of retail scams involving mobile wallets. According to reports, the two suspects frequently target establishments in Quezon City that offer cash-in and cash-out services.

Scammers Stores E-Wallets

Based on the report, one of the victims claimed that the suspects paid out P1,200 at his mother’s store. The suspects even displayed a text message stating that their account had been lowered and that the victim was rushing to pay them the money.

Because the clients arrived at the same moment, the victim was forced to give the men P1,200. However, when the victim saw that the money had not been deposited into his mobile wallet, he reported it to the barangay.

The barangay authorities promptly traced the two suspects down to another store that they hoped to target as well. The inquiry also found that the suspects were responsible for a P7,700 scam on the victim on February 8.

The allegations have been refuted by the two suspects. According to the chief of QCPD Station 14, the PNP anti-cybercrime unit discovered that the suspects took a total of P800,000 in their scam just last week. Authorities are now looking into whether the two accused are part of a gang.

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