Darryl Yap Initially Wanted Phillip Salvador, Herbert Bautista for Ninoy Role

Darryl Yap shared the casting process that happened in ‘Martyr or Murderer’

Director-writer Darryl Yap said that he initially wanted to get seasoned actors Phillip Salvador and Herbert Bautista to play the role of Ninoy in Martyr or Murderer.

A media conference was recently held for the second installment of Direk Darryl’s trilogy about the Marcos family. Based on the article in Bandera, the controversial director shared that the scene between Ninoy and Imelda, played by Isko Moreno and Ruffa Gutierrez respectively took three hours to finish.

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It is because it is the first time again of Isko to do a movie after taking a break for 10 years. Direk Darryl also shared that there were times that Ruffa would say Taglish (Tagalog-English) lines during the take. However, he said that the former Manila Mayor is indeed good.

The filmmaker also shared that initially, he wanted to take Phillip Salvador to portray Ninoy. Then, Herbert Bautista came as an option also.

“I was thinking of casting Bistek or Herbert, you know to make Ruffa happy. So ngayon, the real kuwento why I opted to do…you know what, I’m gonna be very honest, but I really wanted to cast Sir Phillip Salvador to be Ninoy. But you know, the schedule, the physique, the looks, it’s not really the Ninoy type,” Darryl Yap said.

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When it comes to casting, this is the decision being made by Viva. There were quite a few actors who were initially thought of, such as Richard Gomez and Christopher de Leon. Then he said that Ninoy was known for being very eloquent when it comes to speaking Filipino and English, and he was known for the appeal that he and Ferdinand Marcos only had.

I think the only actor-politician that can you know be a good match to Cesar Montano is Isko Moreno. And I don’t think even putting Isko’s name at the bottom of the poster will not do justice because Isko is shining in this movie,” he said.

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