Cristine Reyes On Hitting Rock Bottom: “Ang hirap noon”

Cristine Reyes shared that she did not expect to have her showbiz comeback after taking a break

Actress Cristine Reyes talked about the time when she hit rock bottom and it was indeed so difficult for her.

Cristine is now in her 20th year in the entertainment industry and she has been under the management of Viva for 15 years now. Looking back, the actress shared that she gets teary-eyed because she did not imagine lasting this long in showbiz.

cristine reyes

In a recent interview, based on the article in Bandera, Cristine said that she is grateful for all the opportunity that was given to her. She recalled the time when she left the entertainment industry to start her own family.

“I was contemplating back in the day when I wanted to wish to have my own family, settle and live a peaceful life and I thought, I would succeed but you know, I failed,” Cristine Reyes.

She admitted that she had fears about going back to showbiz after leaving because she knows there are new and good artists but she prayed for this. “Marami na rin ang magagaling that’s why I’m really thankful kasi kung ano ang meron ako ngayon, pinapahalagahan ko siya talaga kasi ayoko nang mawala,” the actress said.

She added that people around her, especially her manager Veronique del Rosario, take everything she does seriously. Then, she mentioned the life-changing event that happened to her.

Siguro, ‘yung turning point in my life was when I hit rock bottom and nawala ang lahat sa akin. Ang hirap noon,” Cristine Reyes said, adding that she really got hurt at that time. However, she is really thankful that Viva was there for her and she is thankful for the trust that was given to her. The actress said that she will not do anything to destroy this trust.

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