Yen Santos Mom Allegedly Scared of Her Relationship with Paolo Contis

Mom of Yen Santos Allegedly Scared of Daughter’s Relationship with Paolo Contis

The mom of actress Yen Santos is allegedly scared of her daughter’s relationship with actor-comedian Paolo Contis.

Cristy Fermin, a seasoned entertainment columnist, recently discussed the relationship between Paolo Contis and Yen Santos on the newest episode of “Showbiz Now Na” with Romel Chika and Wendell Alvarez. They claim that Yen’s mother is “scared” for her daughter.

Yen Santos Mom Scared

This is after learning about Kapuso star Paolo Contis’ present relationship with his two children, Lian Paz and LJ Reyes. During the inaugural week of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda,” the controversial actor was a guest and confessed the true score between him and Yen.

Paolo also stated that he is currently unable to support his children, despite plans to give the money raised to them in the future. If Wendell is Yen’s relative, he will encourage him to think about it and that what happened in his first relationship might happen again.

Cristy, on the other hand, believes that thinking like that is normal, especially since she is close to Yen. Perhaps Paolo’s bond with Lian and LJ, as well as their children, will have the same effect on him.

Many netizens are claimed to be concerned about Yen and believe that this could happen to him as well. According to the three co-hosts, the narrative is bad because Paulo appears to have cut off communication with his children.

The actor’s supposed “bisyo” was even mentioned, and Yen claimed he was certain he was aware of it. The hosts also discussed how Paolo is merely “hoping” for material goods from Yen, despite the fact that the actress is supposed to have a lot of savings even if her project is only for one time. It is claimed to have purchased a property in Nueva Ecija.

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