RR Enriquez on Being Childless for 14 Years: “I couldn’t stand their noise”

RR Enriquez Answers Question Why She is Still Childless Despite 14 Years in a Relationship

So-called “Sawsawera Queen” RR Enriquez clarified questions about why she is still childless despite having a 14-year relationship.

The internet personality emphasized the statement “different people, different strokes” on Instagram. This is what RR wishes to demonstrate, particularly to a netizen who irritated her by questioning why she hasn’t had a child yet.

RR Enriquez Childless

RR shared a screenshot of the netizen’s question, to which she responded directly. The netizen is perplexed as to why, after 14 years of marriage to former Ginebra player Jayjay Helterbrand, she is still childless.

She may have had a bad day because she stated that she had just woken up and was not in the mood to “makisawsaw”. RR acknowledged that, as much as she adored children, she couldn’t take their sobbing. He is supposed to dislike so-called colic babies or babies who cry a lot.

“Seriously….. I just couldn’t stand their noise when they’re crying😩 Na experience ko yan sa mga kapatid ko🥵😅 Specially if colic baby. Kaya ang galing ng ibang Moms na kinaya yan,” she wrote.

She also stated that she cannot imagine giving birth, either naturally or by cesarean section, without being breastfed and cared for. RR, on the other hand, admires mothers who are capable of doing so. But she stated that having a child is not for her.

“Those sleepless nights because need mo mag pa dede ng baby. Carrying the baby for 9months, delivering the baby whether normal or CS then yung mag papa breastfeed ka pa.. Thinking all of those hindi ko talaga kaya,” the Sawsawera Queen said.

To top it all off, she doesn’t think a woman’s femininity is complete until she has a child. Jayjay is supposed to regard RR’s decision not to have children as fortunate.

“And I’m blessed to have a partner who respect my decisions for not having a kids🤸‍♀️❤️👏🏼,” she said in her post.

She went into business after her brief stint in show business. She is currently preoccupied with her vlogs. She’s also active on social media, mainly Instagram, where she usually posts her thoughts on current events in the country, particularly in Hollywood. As a result, she dubbed herself “SawSawera Queen.”

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  1. Wla kang silbi sa mundo. Para di ka galing pagka bata. Sayang ang magagandang lahi at magaling na player. Ano kung ang parents mo gnun din ang iniisip, di wla ka. Mgsisisi ka rin sa huli.


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