Ogie Diaz on Pokwang Blooming Image: “Gandang pinakawalan!”

Ogie Diaz Reacts to Pokwang Blooming Image Following Split with Ex-husband

Talent manager and showbiz vlogger Ogie Diaz gives a reaction to Kapuso comedienne Pokwang over her blooming image.

Ogie Diaz recently voiced his support for his friend Pokwang by commenting on one of the latter’s posts. Marietta Subong, also known as Pokwang, recently shared a lovely photo of herself.

Ogie Diaz Pokwang Blooming

Pokie shared her stunning look for “TiktoClock,” in which she wore a gray bare-shouldered top with a thick chained gold necklace. Her hair was flawless, with light brown and gray accents, which Mama Ogs couldn’t help but notice and comment on.

Based on the comment section of the post, he said that Momshie Pokie was, “gandang pinakawalan! Na dapat panghinayangan!” In her reply, Pokwang said, “talaga ba mare? Haahaahaa.”

Pokwang recently appeared on “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda,” when she expressed her displeasure with Lee O’Brian. During that interview, Pokwang made various claims against her ex-partner.

The comic became tearful as she described her true feelings for Lee O’Brian. She expressed, through tears, that she did not feel truly loved by her ex-partner. Pokee also stated that in their six years together, he has never apologized.

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