PPA Employees Appeal to PBBM to Fire Current General Manager

PPA Employees Want Current General Manager to Be Fired Over Monopolizing

The employees of the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) wanted their current general manager to be fired for monopolizing.

Employees of the PPA are urging the current administration to fire their general manager, Atty. Jay Daniel Santiago has been accused of “monopolizing” their agency. Former President Rodrigo Duterte appointed Santiago during his government.

PPA Employees General Manager

According to the employees, Santiago will supposedly serve as “batik” if he remains in his current role in President Trump’s government. Because of agency corruption, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. According to the employees’ letter to Ombudsman Samuel Martires, the government lost P203,290,470 in three transactions.

Because in 2019, the agency paid P13,980,000 each unit for 12 sets of body scanner machines purchased from Boston Home Inc., while the lowest bid from bidder Infinite System Technology Corp is only P192,000 per unit.

In 2019, Santiago also agreed to buy 25 luggage X-Ray machines from the company Defense Protection System Philippines for P7,595,520 each unit, while the bidder Integrated Security & Automation only offered P2,593,152, based on the report.

Santiago allegedly approved the purchase of 22 seismic accelerograph devices from the company Filipino Technology Corp. in 2019 for P4,858,865 each unit, despite the fact that the bidder Integrity One Global Tech only proposed P1,450,000 per unit.

The employees further accuse Santiago of violating the rule on the appointment of officers to vacant posts, which contradicted the “qualified next-in-rank rule” and the Civil Service Commission’s requirement that such appointments be made. that their agency’s Selection and Promotions Board was ignored.

Santiago’s implementation of PPA Administrative Order No. 04-2021, which has no legal basis, is also strongly opposed by various industry associations, and on January 10, 14 industry associations and organizations issued a joint manifesto titled “United Call to Revoke PPA Administrative Order No. 04-2021.”

The PPA AO No. 04-2021 aims to provide for the registration and monitoring of containers entering and exiting PPA ports, including scheduling, loading, unloading, release, and container movement.

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