Isko Moreno & Diego Castro Have Issue? Former Mayor Explains

Is there something? Isko Moreno clarifies that there’s no issue between him and Diego Castro.

ISKO MORENO – This is what Isko Moreno said when asked about his relationship with the father of his son’s partner.

News anchor Diego Castro expressed previously that he is a proud “lolo” to the baby of Joaquin Domagoso and Raffa Castro. Joaquin is the son of former mayor Isko Moreno.

In an interview, Castro expressed that he will always support Raffa, JD, and her grandson. He said, “I will always be here to support Raffa, JD, and my grandson.”

But recently, Moreno said in a recent interview that he has not reached out to his “balae” yet. He is the father of the male but he admitted that he has not reached out to Castro. They haven’t met yet and this is because of their conflicting schedules.

According to Moreno, this kind of move should be an initiative from his son and Raffa, Castro’s daughter. He can wait for where and when they should meet but with JD and Raffa’s involvement. He accordingly can’t interfere with matters like this.

He also did not try to.

But he added, “But the mother, nagkita-kita na kami. 2021, I guess, if I’m not mistaken. Nagsama pa kami sa New Year.”

He was referring to Raffa’s mother Angela Lagunzad. He also directly clarified that there’s no issue between him and Diego and he is looking forward to meeting them in the future.

“Wala… at all. As in, like, 100 percent,” he assured with firmness.

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Meanwhile, having baby Scott is Isko’s another reason to live and to be happy for the rest of his life. According to him, he has retired in politics already. To recall, he ran for president last May 2022 election but lost to current president Bongbong Marcos.


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