Ronnie Liang Celebrates Birthday with Children with Cancer

Ronnie Liang Celebrated Birthday Along with Cancer Patient Children

Singer-actor Ronnie Liang celebrated his birthday with cancer patient children at Philippine Children’s Medical Center.

Liang believed that he experienced a different type of satisfaction when he helps. As a result, he works to the best of his capacity to provide essential assistance to the charitable institutions that he helps.

Ronnie Liang Birthday Cancer

And, as part of his 32nd birthday, the singer hosted a charity event with young cancer patients from the Philippine Children’s Medical Center. On his Instagram profile, the celebrity licensed pilot shared multiple photographs of himself interacting with children battling cancer.

“Thank you, Lord, for allowing this moment to happen. It was interrupted during the pandemic, but we have been doing this birthday project for more than 15 years, giving the children toys, food, and some medicines and supplements, aiming at a minuscule way to lessen the pain and the burden they are going through,” he said.

Seeing the smiles on those children’s faces, he says, is priceless, and he simply wanted to be a channel of God’s blessings by using this God-given skill and opportunity to impact, inspire, and assist my fellow citizens.

He continued, “I don’t know how long I will be here in the showbiz industry, but, at least I know in my heart wherever I will go and whatever happens to me, I have made a little difference in the lives of those children.

“And thank you to Philippine Children’s Medical Center- Cancer Section Management for allowing me to celebrate my birthday with your patients,” he added in his post.

In addition, in April 2022, Ronnie will launch his “Project Ngiti” initiative in partnership with Rizal Medical Center. This is to assist young people with cleft lip and palate in receiving the necessary surgery. As previously reported, the actor and musician enlisted as an army reservist in 2018 and completed his training in 2019.

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