Isabelle Daza Video w/ Amanpulo Merch, Netizen Says It’s A “Mockery”

Isabelle Daza once again amused netizens through her Instagram post

Actress Isabelle Daza shared a video of her featuring the merch she got from luxury beach resort Amanpulo and a netizen said that it was a “mockery.”

Isabelle caught the attention of many netizens just recently because of her caption in her Instagram photo. The actress shared a photo of her at the beach and it was not just any regular destination, it was Amanpulo, which is known for its luxurious offerings to guests.

📷: @isabelledaza IG

Isabelle wrote this caption: Note to self: Don’t go broke tryin’ to look rich.” This garnered funny reactions from her celebrity friends and netizens as it was a bit contradicting to where she was. Many comments were also focused on how she would incorporate humor in her social media posts.

Following that post that went viral, the actress shared a video showcasing the merch from Amanpulo. She was wearing a robe and a cap with the name of the said luxury beach resort. Even the bottle holder on her bottled water was from Amanpulo. “Goes to amanpulo once……………….” Isabelle Daza wrote in the caption of her post.

isabelle daza
📷: @isabelledaza IG

In her post, the actress included a clip from the Friends series. It featured the scene of Ross and Chandler’s characters who were collecting the things they got from a hotel, like rolls of toilet paper, soaps, newspapers, and even apples.

Isabelle’s post once again received amused reactions from netizens. Several celebrities also laughed at this.

However, there was a netizen who said that it was easy for Isabelle to do that because she can afford it but the netizen pointed out that it is not the same for those who can’t afford to go to Amanpulo.

Other netizens said that it is just for fun and the post is intended to make others laugh. “Masakit lang kasi di ko ma afford and most likely ganyan ako pag makapunta man ako. Parang nakaka mock. Siguro sa kanila hindi ganun ka big deal. Ala lang,” the netizen who criticized Isabelle Daza replied.

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