Isabelle Daza Reveals House Helpers’ Reaction To Contract She Made

This is the reaction of the house helpers of Isabelle Daza to the contract she made

Kapamilya actress Isabelle Daza revealed the reaction of her house helpers regarding the contract she made for them.

As the “It Girls” member is now married and has her own family, she shared how she handles matters in her home.

isabelle daza
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Previously, through her Instagram story, she shared that she created a contract with her house helpers.

In the contract, the actress and social media influencer stated the work description, benefits, and the rights of people working for her.

During a recent interview on Tonight with Boy Abunda, Isabelle Daza elaborated the reason why she created a contract for her house helpers.

isabelle daza contract
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My husband told me that I need to have contract with the maids because it protects both parties,” she said.

Isabelle added that her husband, Adrien Semblat, explained that she has to write down their list of deliverable and not to blame them if they forgot to bring anything she needed which is not part of their job.

The actress also said that the contract gave a sense of dignity to her house helpers because it is a fact that people are afraid to lose their jobs.

“I can’t fire way just because I’m on a bad mood or I’m hungry,” she explained to her helpers.

Isabelle Daza also elaborated the rest that her helpers need. She understands that just like her, people working for her also get tired.

When asked about the reaction of her house helpers regarding the contract, she said “they were very touched.”

“Because they didn’t feel they deserve one,” the actress added.

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