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Janine Gutierrez Breaks Silence on Phase of Relationship w/ Paulo Avelino Now

Janine Gutierrez Breaks Silence on Phase of Relationship w/ Paulo Avelino Now

Janine Gutierrez Speaks about Rumored Boyfriend Paulo Avelino

JANINE GUTIERREZ – The Kapamilya actress broke her silence on the current phase of her relationship with actor Paulo Avelino.

One of the most beautiful actresses in the Philippine showbiz industry is Kapamilya actress Janine Gutierrez, the eldest daughter of celebrity former couple Monching Gutierrez and Lotlot de Leon. She is one of the multi-awarded actresses in the industry at a young age.

Recently, Janine appeared as a guest in the YouTube channel of TV Patrol news anchor Karen Davila. In the latest vlog of Karen, it showed her visiting Janine in her apartment which is one of her biggest investments, so far, as an actress.

Janine Gutierrez indeed has a beautiful home. They talked about the actress’ personal challenges faced as an actress, the separation of her parents, and a glimpse of her relationship with her rumored boyfriend, fellow Kapamilya Paulo Avelino.

Janine was only 12 years old when Monching and Lotlot separated. According to the young actress, the experience of her parents has taught her to take her time and not marry at a young age.

During the vlog interview, Janine Gutierrez answered “yes” when asked if what’s between her and Paulo Avelino is special. The young actress also admitted that she is “hopeful” about what they have.

According to Janine, she like Paulo when she met him five (5) years ago but they lost touch after it. They saw each other again when they taped the movie “Ngayon Kaya”. The actress compared the actor with a light when she met him the second time around.

When asked about the phase she is in now with Paulo Avelino, Janine Gutierrez answered that they are “happy” and “more private”. She recognized that their being private maybe annoying to their fans and other people but she apologized as she learned from her parents. Here’s the YouTube vlog:

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