Jodi Sta Maria “Sa Maynila artista. Sa ibang bansa, litratista”

Filipina Actress Jodi Sta Maria Turned Into Litratista in Other Country

Filipina veteran actress Jodi Sta Maria turned into “litratista” (photographer) for tourists in other countries.

Jodi came to Twitter to showcase her second career outside of being an actor in the Philippines. Jodi Sta Maria is one of the Philippines’ most bankable actresses. Because she has repeatedly demonstrated that she can handle every character thrown at her—poor, affluent, hero, or villain.

Jodi Sta Maria Litratista

As a result, her followers and supporters are overjoyed with her, not only for her talent as an actress but also for the humility she demonstrates. In her new tweets, Jodi shared that in other countries “Walang big star, big star.”

Because if in the Philippines she is a famous actress, in other countries she agrees to be a “photographer” for foreign tourists that request to take their picture.

“Sa Maynila artista. Sa ibang bansa, litratista ng mga tanawin at turista. Magandang umaga,”said Jodi in her tweet.

As a result, she is praised by the internet community for being humble and down to earth. Jodi was previously recognized for adopting a kitten she discovered strolling around the airport.

She gave it the name “Naia” (Na-ya). According to her, a male passenger at the airport even reprimanded her for leaving the pet cat alone. In short, the man did not appear to recognize Jodi.

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