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Kris Lawrence Admits Defending Alex Affected His Mental Health

Kris Lawrence Admits Defending Alex Affected His Mental Health

Kris Lawrence Reveals Criticisms after Defending Alex Affected His Mental Health

KRIS LAWRENCE – The singer admitted that he received criticisms after defending Alex Gonzaga which affected his mental health.

Kris was one of the celebrities that spoke their opinions and defended the vlogger-actress, Alex Gonzaga. Toni Gonzaga’s sister has already received backlash on social media for her “rude” behavior at her 35th birthday party.

Kris Lawrence Mental Health

Netizens chastised Alex when she was caught putting icing from her cake onto the waiter’s brow. Meanwhile, Kris stated that he does not regret defending Alex and offered his thoughts on the matter.

During an interview with PEP, the singer revealed that he received a lot of backlash for his statement. He also revealed that the abuse she endured had a negative impact on his mental health.

Kris’s anguish was compounded by the unfortunate fact that several members of the media whom he considered friends apparently took the lead in fuelling the public, allowing the insults leveled at him on social media to intensify. But he had no regrets since everything he said was truthful, and he will stand by what he stated.

“It makes me question myself and my achievements in my life,” he said. “Now, I’m getting so much negative intention thrown at me, people go to the ends of the earth just to hurt my feelings,” he shared.

Meanwhile, Kris Lawrence will meet with licensed hypnotist Nancy Castiglione, a former actress, next week for a hypnosis session. The musician feels that hypnotherapy will help him overcome the mental anguish he’s experiencing as a result of the Alex birthday cake-smearing event.

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