Ineffective Study Habit – Avoid Making These Poor Study Habits

What is an ineffective study habit? Here are some habits that are so poor you must avoid them.

INEFFECTIVE STUDY HABIT – Studying is an essential part of acquiring new skills and knowledge but here are some poor habits you probably should not do.

No one becomes successful by not putting in a great deal of hard work and this can be applied to studying which is essential in achieving one’s study and career goals. Studying is daunting but studying is significant, most especially in school. This is what we need to excel and excelling in school is essential for someone’s future success.

Ineffective Study Habit

And when it comes to studying, there’s no one effective habit that fits all but there is something you can do to improve your preferred habit such as avoiding ones that are not effective.

Here are some poor habits you must avoid doing:

  1. No study plan.
    Having a study plan is having a time, place, and ways how to do it. Starting from being this organized results in better efficiency.
  2. Cramming without an understanding.
    This is the most common mistake that a student does. Properly understand the topics first. Cramming can lead to increased stress levels, panic, and anxiety.
  3. Doing it late at night.
    Late-night studying is ineffective. Although there’s an advantage of peace and quiet, lack of sleep may affect our focus on the daytime. Moreover, doing this in the wee hours of the night puts your health at risk.
  4. Disorganization
    When our surroundings or environment is organized, this affects our mental situation. And having a disorganized environment also disorganizes our minds which results in a loss of focus and difficulty in concentrating.
  5. Procrastination
    This is the act of delaying tasks and this is a habit of most students. This can negatively affect your productivity, grades, and overall performance.

In a post from, you must also drop habits like scrolling social media while studying, drinking too much caffeine, skipping classes, stressing out over failure, and doing it with the wrong group of people.


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