Donnalyn Bartolome Trends Online Due To Alex Gonzaga Cake Issue

Netizens are also talking about Donnalyn Bartolome amid the issue about Alex Gonzaga

Vlogger Donnalyn Bartolome is one of the trending topics on Twitter on Tuesday, January 17, due to the issue about actress-vlogger Alex Gonzaga.

Donnalyn has become a trending topic on social media several times already. Basically, it is because of the people’s criticism of her posts or vlogs. Early this month, the vlogger was bashed for her supposed “toxic passivity” as she tells netizens not to be sad going back to work after the holidays but instead she said that they should be grateful.

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This went viral and aside from the negative reactions that she received, memes and parodies were also created.

A few days after, Donnalyn’s friend Alex became a trending topic also on social media. It is because of a video of her during her 35th birthday party that went viral. In the video, Alex spread the cake’s icing on the waiter’s forehead.

For netizens, that was foul because some said that Alex does not personally knows the waiter and that what she did was rude. Amid this issue, Donnalyn Bartolome also caught the attention of the online community.

alex gonzaga
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Some said that Donnalyn should be thankful to Alex because the spotlight was transferred. There were also those who said that Alex and Donnalyn are indeed friends because they both want to be the “Main Characters” always. A netizen also commented that Donnalyn passed the crown to Alex as a trending topic online.

Some netizens also asked Donnalyn if the waiter should still be thankful to have his job even though he is being treated like that by a customer. On the other hand, there were netizens who defended the vlogger for being dragged into the issue involving Alex Gonzaga.

Here are some recent tweets about Donnalyn Bartolome.

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