PAL Flight Attendants Under Probe for Carrying 27 Kilos of Onions

PAL Flight Attendants Caught Carrying 27 Kilos of Onions Back to the Country

The flight attendants of Philippine Airlines (PAL) are placed on hot water after they were caught carrying 27 kilos of onions back to the country.

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) has launched an investigation into ten PAL flight attendants who were discovered carrying 40 kilos of agri-products upon their arrival in the country. Customs officials stated in a statement that the PAL crew members arrived from Dubai on January 10 with flights PR659 and Riyadh PR655.

PAL Flight Attendants Onions

Authorities discovered the flight attendants were carrying 27kg of onions, which are currently expensive in the country, during their arrival. In addition to the onions, authorities seized 10.5kg of lemons and 1 kg of blueberries and strawberries.

The crew members did not declare the items, which required a ‘import permit’ from the government, according to authorities. Flight attendants who were visibly disappointed by the authorities’ decision decided to destroy the valuable onions and fruits they were carrying.

“The other crew members started to stomp on the goods, sprayed disinfectant, and poked the goods with their chopsticks and pens also in public view,”  according to the report of customs.

Meanwhile, Senator JV Ejercito expressed concern about the incident, claiming that authorities only targeted small fish while big-time smugglers were not apprehended. Ejercito also believed that the onions carried by the flight attendants were intended for personal consumption rather than resale.

“40kg of fruits & onions divided by 10 PAL Crew is only 4kg each. Most likely for personal consumption. Tapos mga big time Agri smugglers ilang container ang nailulusot araw-araw!” Ejercito said.

Onion prices in the country are currently estimated to be between 300 and 700 pesos per kilo. Meanwhile, onions are estimated to cost around 115 pesos per kilo in Dubai.

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  1. This is a big big big big joke for BOC they want to be viral that they are doing their job .How do you think those stewardess to make in smuggling those onion . I love this news ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES .


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