Degrees of Adjectives & Examples Under Each Degree – A Guide to Learning English

DEGREES OF ADJECTIVES – Here is a guide to learning English better when it comes to degrees of adjectives and the examples under each.

When it comes to adjectives, the topic is not just about its definition and usage in a sentence. It has several subtopics such as the different degrees of adjectives which will be discussed below.

ADJECTIVES’ DEGREES OF COMPARISON: 3 Degrees of Comparison & Its Examples

Guide on Adjectives’ Degrees of Comparison & the Examples for Each

ADJECTIVES’ DEGREES OF COMPARISON – Here is a list of the three(3) degrees of comparison of adjectives and the examples.

In English, there are eight(8) parts of speech and one of them is the adjective. The said part of speech refers to a word that gives description to a noun – a name of person, place, thing, event, etc.

The adjective may either describe or it could also tell the state of being of a noun or the frequency of a certain activity.

In this article, we will discuss more about this part of speech. We will the adjectives’ degrees of comparison. There are three(3) of them and we will have examples for each.

Adjectives' Degrees of Comparison

Based on Preply, the three(3) degrees of comparison of adjectives are the positive, the comparative, and the superlative.


The adjective under this degree is a base adjective meaning it does not compare the noun to another noun(s).


  • Beautiful
  • Cold
  • Clean
  • Effective
  • White

Sample Sentences:

  1. Sheila is a beautiful lady.
  2. The drinks served at the counter are cold.
  3. Gino and Jose left the room clean.


Under this degree of comparison, the adjective is comparing the noun to another noun. It can be with the use of “more” or adding “-er” at the end of the word.


  • More beautiful
  • Colder
  • Cleaner
  • More effective
  • Whiter

Sample Sentences:

  1. Shane is more beautiful than Susan.
  2. The mango shake is colder than the apple juice.
  3. The park is cleaner today compared yesterday.


The third adjectives’ degree of comparison is the superlative. Based on the article, under this degree, the adjective is comparing the noun to more than two(2) nouns. It can be with the use of “most”or adding “-est” to the word.


  • Most beautiful
  • Coldest
  • Cleanest
  • Most effective
  • Whitest

Sample Sentences:

  1. Angeline is the most beautiful among the siblings.
  2. Baguio is at its coldest in January than in other months of the year.
  3. The class with the cleanest room at school received awards.

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