Voltes V Legacy: Director Mark Reyes Reveals Dos & Don’ts of Making The Series

The director of ‘Voltes V Legacy’ talked about making the much-awaited series

Director Mark Reyes revealed the dos and don’ts of making Voltes V Legacy, the upcoming science fantasy series on GMA.

The said series was first announced almost two years ago and fans’ anticipation is finally over. Just recently, the mega trailer of the series which was adapted from the iconic Japanese series Voltes V that aired in the 1970s was released.

voltes v legacy
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Amid the positive reactions from fans and those who are waiting for the series to be released, negative reactions were also shared online. With this, Kapuso comedian Michael V, who is a self-confessed big fan of the Japanese anime, defended the series.

Upon watching the Voltes V Legacy trailer, Direk Mark Reyes was emotional, based on the article in PEP. “That trailer took me two weeks to work on,” he said. The director admitted that it was not easy to choose and compile the scenes from the whole series to be featured in the trailer.

It was also a challenge for him not to show too many details in order not to spoil the story. However, he was also thinking of showing things that make non-fans have a basic knowledge of Voltes V.

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For those who felt that they waited for too long for this series to be released, Direk Mark said that this prompted him to do a 5-minute series. “That’s why this mega trailer came into being. I wanted to do a five-minute [trailer] and show them what we got so we can pacify them,” he said.

This is also the reason why it was called “mega trailer” because the usual trailer only lasted 2 to 3 minutes.

Before doing the series, Direk Mark had to ask permission from Toei Animation, the Japan-based animation studio that produced the original Voltes V anime. They were given conditions for remaking the famous anime.

[They’re] strict on the costumes because, of course, they’re dealing with their property, which is an animation. They don’t want to stray off too much [from the original],” the Voltes V Legacy director shared. He also said that the Japanese production was very particular when it comes to “Prince Zardoz’s costume, those iconic things, the skull-shaped ship, [and] Voltes V himself.”

Direk Mark said that they can’t go far from the original color scheme. He said some people would comment why they did not change a particular thing in the Pinoy version. It is because they were prohibited to do so.

“We had to be careful with changing anything that will totally stray off from what they look like. They’re very strict with that, the costume, the entire look of the whole production. Even the beast fighters, it has to look somewhat what it looks like in the animé,” Direk Mark added.

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