Solenn Heussaff Details 2nd Pregnancy & How Different It Is On Her First

This is what Solenn Heussaff shared about her pregnancy.

SOLENN HEUSSAFF – Kapuso actress Solenn Heussaff shares a glimpse of her second baby with her husband Nico Bolzico.

Actress and artist, Solenn Heussaff just gave birth to her second baby and in a new video, she recorded herself talking about her two pregnancies and how different they are from each other.

She shared that during her first pregnancy, things are all over the place and definitely caught haywire. She doesn’t know what to do and every move she does is researched online. It was “a little bit all over the place” as per her description.

And for her second child with Nico Bolzico, she took everything in a very laid-back manner as she wanted to enjoy every month.

“I’m not so sure what’s going to happen just because I forgot what it’s like to have a newborn but what I did this time is to take the pregnancy in a chill way. Enjoy it, not panic too much, not read too much online,” she said.

Back then with Tili, she had a high-risk pregnancy. But in both pregnancies, she revealed that she suffered from issues with her Protein S. It made her prone to blood clotting and Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APAS).

Describing her 2nd pregnancy, she shared, “This pregnancy is such a breeze. Injections, I’m just used to it… I have so much energy. I do my workouts. I’m still lifting my daughter. I’m 38 weeks now and she’s 15 kilos and I’m still lifting her.”

As for her eating habits, the second one is much easier as she was able to maintain what she used to do. In the previous one, she was told to eat 3,000 calories and take 15 protein pills a day.

And before the second baby arrived, she made sure to spend a lot of time to bond with Tili. She made sure that she is ready to become an older sister. In the same video, Solenn shared some clips of Tili’s first few moments with her little sister.

Watch the video below:


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