Sarah Geronimo Mom Received Complaints From Employees

The mother of Sarah Geronimo is one of the topics in Ogie Diaz’s recent vlog

Employees of Mommy Divine Geronimo, the mother of Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo, received complaints from her employees.

In a recent Showbiz Update vlog of talent manager-vlogger Ogie Diaz with Mama Loi and Tita Jegs, they talked about this issue. Mama Loi received messages from an employee of Mommy Divine revealing the alleged violation that the mother of Sarah is doing to the people working for her.

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Based on the message from the said employee, it was alleged that Mommy Divine violated the labor code. It was also alleged that the mother of Sarah Geronimo does not pay the salary if the working day would fall on the 31st of the month.

Mommy Divine is also accused of not giving her employees overtime pay, and double pay during holidays, and it was said that the giving of salary is always delayed. The employee also claimed that they are not allowed to have their rest day even though it is already approved.

It was also said that the mother of the Popstar Royalty does not pay the government-mandated benefits for employees and that the employees are not allowed to leave even though they want to quit their job already.

Ginigising ang tao kahit na oras ng pahinga para lang magbaba ng mga dala niya,” Mommy Divine’s employee said, adding that they would always be provided chicken feet and head for their meals.

The employee claimed that those who are sick are being ignored. Then, the employee said that their salary was supposed to be given on the 15th of December but this did not happen.

Mama Loi shared, based on what the employee said, that there were employees who already left because they could no longer bare this supposed management that Mommy Divine does. However, when they attempted to get the salaries they weren’t able to get before leaving, the mother of Sarah Geronimo allegedly told them that they need to have a scheduled appointment with her in order to get the salaries. They weren’t also allowed to get the things they left.

As of this writing, Mommy Divine has not yet spoken about the allegations against her.

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