Rendon Labador to Vloggers Lambasting Ensaymada Lunch in Palace: “Patay gutom kasi karamihan ng mga vloggers”

Rendon Labador Slams Vloggers Complaining Over Ensaymada Lunch Served at Malacañang

The internet celebrity Rendon Labador to vloggers who expressed their disappointment over ensaymada lunch in Malacañang “Patay gutom kasi karamihan ng mga vloggers”

A few days ago, some vloggers including Pebbles Cunanan and Maharlika expressed their disappointment with the food served during an event at Malacañang Palace. The event has been held so vloggers can meet President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

According to some reports, social media vloggers were only fed with “ensaymada”, croissant, brownies, and juice during the event. Influencers even described it as an act of discrimination and complained about how poorly they were treated.

Rendon Labador

“Ensaymada ang lunch ng Marcos Loyalists/Vloggers sa Meet & Greet ni PBBM. Samantalang ang Malacañang Press Corps pang 5 star hotel at may music performance pa. SEE THE DIFFERENCE? Ang tawag diyan DISCRIMINATION,” Maharlika wrote.

The vloggers/bloggers expect rice and viands for lunch because some of them came from different provinces.

Recently, Rendon Labador reacts to the statement of vloggers who complained regarding the food served at them in Malacañang. The statement garnered various reactions from the online community.

Rendon Labador

The personality described some vloggers as “Patay Gutom”.

“Patay gutom kasi karamihan ng mga vloggers, pasensya na,” Rendon said.

Here is the full post:

“Celebrate small wins! Yung ma invite ka lang sa ganyang event ay karangalan na. Sana sa buffet nalang kayo nag punta. Buti nga pinakain pa kayo. Pilipino talaga puro reklamo”

Rendon Labador

The online community expressed their reactions to the post:

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