Nadine Lustre On Having Kids In The Future: ‘If it happens, it happens’

Nadine Lustre is not yet ready to have kids

Actress Nadine Lustre shared her thoughts once again about having kids in the future as she said that she is not yet ready to be a mother.

Nadine is exploring different things in her career now. One of her recent projects is a thriller movie for the Metro Manila Film Festival 2022 titled Deleter. With the current status of her career, Nadine is apparently busy.

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Although she is now in a relationship with businessman Christopher Bariou, Nadine Lustre has not yet talked about settling down, much more about having kids. Based on the article in Balita, the actress once again shared her thoughts on being a mother in the future.

“I’m securing myself na. With the things I’m investing in now, and the things that I’m doing, I ask myself, ‘Is this going to sustain me for the rest of my life?’ Nandoon na siya,” Nadine said about preparing for her future.

However, being a mother is not yet on the horizon. “I don’t want kids yet. I don’t even know if I want kids. Let’s see. If it happens, it happens,” she said. Nadine also said that as of now, in her headspace, she is thinking that if she will have kids now, will she able to provide for them?

“Adulting na talaga!” Nadine added. Reportedly, back in February, she also shared her thoughts regarding this topic.

“Just because, there are so many people na on Earth, and I do believe that there are lots of kids who don’t have parents and who need taking care of. So I feel like if I do wanna have kids, I might just adopt. Sustainability!” Nadine Lustre said.

However, the actress said that she is open to the possibility of getting pregnant and having kids in the future.

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