Nedal Hussein Calls Carlos Padilla “Criminal” Over 2000 Cheating

Nedal Hussein Calls Carlos Padilla “Criminal” for Cheating in 2000 Fight vs Pacquiao

Boxer Nedal Hussein called former boxing referee Carlos Padilla a “criminal” over his cheating incident during the 2000 fight.

Regarding Carlos Padilla’s admission, the Australian fighter had rage and resentment. Padilla reportedly made a confession for allegedly “cheating” during the match between Hussein and Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, in which he served as the referee.

Nedal Hussein Carlos Padilla

In his confession, Padilla acknowledged that he assisted Pacquiao in defeating Hussein in their boxing match in Antipolo City in 2000. The Filipino boxer’s potential to compete in the World Boxing Championship is the reason.

When Hussein knocked Pacquiao out in the fourth round of their bout, he said that his Filipino spirit occurred the day and that’s why he extended the countdown. Later, Pacquiao wins via “Technical Knock Out,” or TKO.

The Australian fighter was quickly made aware of Padilla’s contentious statement, and he immediately voiced his opposition to it. In an interview with CNN Philippines’ Sports Desk, Hussein expressed his disbelief at what Padilla had done and referred him as a “criminal.”

“Carlos Padilla is nothing more than a criminal. That’s what he is. He did a criminal act. He violated and manipulated the rules. He should be accountable for what he did. Take him out of the Hall of Fame,” he said.

Hussein added that Pacquiao is not the target of his resentment because they both fell prey to Padilla’s purported oddity. He declared that the World Boxing Council (WBC) should be explained and that the genuine offender should be held accountable.

He said in the interview, “The WBC should be held accountable for the fix they put on that night. I have nothing against Manny Pacquiao. I’m a big fan of Manny. I think he’s done amazing for the sport.

“I’m not claiming that I’m the winner, that I want the decision to be reversed. Manny is a victim in this as well. All I want is for the referees and judges to be held accountable for what they do. If you lose fair and square, you can live with it and move on. But when there’s cheating and corruption involved, it’s a hard pill to swallow,” he added.

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