SSS Contribution 2023: List of Member’s Monthly Contribution Rate Based on Income

Guide on SSS Contribution 2023 Based on Member’s Source of Income, Earning

SSS CONTRIBUTION 2023 – Here is a list of the monthly contribution rate of the members of the Social Security System (SSS) based on their income.

A huge part of the Filipino populace is a member of the Social Security System, a state-run social insurance institution . Most of the agency’s members are employees of the private companies in the Philippines. A lot of self-employed individuals also applied for membership to the social insurance institution.

Aside from the private employees and the self-employed individuals, the SSS has also opened its membership to overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), non-working spouse of SSS members, household helpers, and voluntary members.

The SSS has several benefits including sickness benefit and maternity benefit for its members. It also offers death claims for the family of members who passed away to aid them in the funeral expenses.

SSS Contribution 2023

Aside from the SSS benefits, the Social Security System also has loan offers – SSS Salary Loan, SSS Housing Loan, and SSS Calamity Loan among the offers. These are crafted to help the members in times of financial needs like when sickness happened in the family or a calamity has struck the source of income down.

To qualify for the benefits and loans offered by SSS, the member must comply with the required number of monthly contributions posted. Every month, an SSS member should remit a certain amount to the social insurance institution and the rates may change from time to time.

With regards to the SSS Contribution 2023, the Social Security System has yet to issue an update. The monthly contribution rates to the agency has something to do with the mode of income of the member and the amount earned monthly.

Meanwhile, rest assured that we will update you with the SSS Contribution 2023 as soon as official details were posted by the state-run institution.


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