Netizens to Nose Job of Brenda Mage: “Wala namang nabago!”

Brenda Mage Reacts to Netizens Criticizing His Nose Enhancement

Former Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) housemate Brenda Mage reacts to netizens allegedly criticizing his nose enhancement.

Brenda Mage, a former “Miss Q&A” candidate who is now a celebrity housemate on PBB, recently added a sneak peek at the results of the nose job procedure. On his YouTube channel, he posted updates on the development of his new nose.

Brenda Mage Nose Netizens

The comedian-vlogger recently underwent a nose job operation along with his friend Jig Jag. If others are still hesitant to share the sometimes hidden transformation, Brenda confidently shared her pre-operation in a vlog.

Before the procedure, the YouTuber and his friend had a number of evaluations, including the use of topical anesthetic. Brenda made it clear that he wants some small abnormalities on his nasal bridge to be corrected.

The doctor who spoke at the Above Aesthetic Center clinic in Quezon City estimated that such an operation can cost up to P60,000. On December 1, Brenda shared the results after the stitches on the side of his nose were removed.

Brenda admitted that he receives criticism from bashers as if nothing has changed in his nose and he still looks the same. The comedian defended himself from the criticisms in his latest vlog.

“Sa mga nagsasabi diyan na kesyo wala namang nabago, malaki pa rin (ilong), hindi po ako nagpalagay ng implant, wala po akong ipinalagay na silicon carne diyan, wala pong inilagay diyan… nagpa-trim lang po ako rito,” said Brenda.

“Nilagyan ng konting bridge pero ang purpose ko lang talaga ay medyo lumiit… lumiit naman pati butas,” he added.

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