Secret Menu of KFC: Here’s How You Can Order & the List of Secret Offers

SECRET MENU OF KFC – Here is a guide on how you can order KFC’s secret menu and what they are composed of.

It is widely talked about that the Kentucky Fried Chicken has a secret menu. However, not everyone knows how to order these items on the secret menu and what they actually are.

KFC Secret Menu Is Really True & Here’s How You Can Avail Them…

How to Order the KFC Secret Menu w/c Is for Limited Time Only

KFC SECRET MENU – The Kentucky Fried Chicken really has a secret menu and here’s what they are composed of and how to avail them.

A lot of people love to eat in fastfood chains. Most of these never fail to offer a delicious fried chicken on the menu and it hooks not only kids as well as adults. Many also like the fact that you can have your food in a few minutes. which best suits those who have busy schedules and usually rushes for breakfast. Most of these fastfood chains also offer drive-thru services that make the purchase more convenient for those who have vehicles.

When it comes to fastfood chains, one of the most popular not only in the Philippines but even in other countries is KFC. Do you also love the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken?

In the Philippines, there are several KFC branches and most shopping malls have at least one (1) branch. They are most popular for their friend chicken which can be in hot shots as well as their thickly-cut fries that many people love. However, have you also heard about the KFC secret menu?

KFC Secret Menu
Photo Credit: The Weekend Edition

Many people have heard that KFC has a secret menu but not everyone knows how to avail them. Based on an article on GMA News, the said menu are not available in store orders as well as food delivery services.

How to avail the KFC secret menu? Based on the article, in a release, the fastfood chain clarified that their secret menu can be availed when you order via KFC website, app, GLife, or you will call 887-8888.

There are four (4) items in the secret menu of the fastfood chain. Here are they:

  • two-Zinger patty sandwich “The Double Zinger”
  • fun shots and veggies bowl with special dressing
  • Sloppy Shots or the signature fries of the fastfood chain in gravy and topped with corn and cheese
  • Belgian Bites, 12 fun-sized donuts with Belgian chocolate filling

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