Construction Worker Dad Shows Off Artistic Skills on Son’s Assignment

Construction Worker Dad Goes Viral Over Artistic Skills on Son’s Assignment

The online community was amazed at the artistic skills of a construction worker dad on the assignment for his son.

A father by the name of Dave Tagalag posted on Facebook about how his son’s homework was altered. Construction worker Tagalag made sure his first-grader had the finest assignment in the class.

Construction Worker Dad Artistic

He claims that when he got home, his son had an assignment, but since he couldn’t draw a picture, he chose to just draw it. He created three-dimensional drawings of a balloon, a spoon, a broom, a moon, and some boots using a ballpen and colored pencils.

“Tuwing hapon po pag-uwi ko may assignment anak ko kaso po ‘yung time na ‘yun wala po akong mahanap na picture kaya naisip ko na idrawing na lang ‘yun po,” he shared.

“Tuwang tuwa po siya at ang ganda daw po,” Tagalag said ss his six-year-old son Darren Jazz was beaming with pride over his project that he had created with love.

He revealed that since March 2020, he has started drawing. Social media users have shared his post, and many were astounded by his artistic abilities. Netizens offers diverse reactions to his artworks.

Along with the popular image, Tagalag also posted some of his other artworks to his Facebook page. His admirers and friends have praised and responded to many pieces of writing of his.

Construction Worker Dad Artistic
Construction Worker Dad Artistic

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