Topacio to Give Ogie Diaz “Ulo ng isda” Over Complain on Sardines Price

Ogie Diaz Complains about Price of Canned Sardines, Topacio to Send “Ulo ng isda”

Lawyer Atty Ferdinand Topacio to send “ulo ng isda” to talent manager Ogie Diaz after complaining about the price of canned sardines.

The talent manager recently aired his annoyance on Twitter about the pricing of canned products. Ogie could restrain himself from whining about the cost of canned sardines, which the Filipinos regarded as food.

Ogie Diaz Sardines

Ogie expressed his displeasure in his tweet about the price of sardines, which is reportedly P23 at the moment. Even the inclusion of the fish head inside the can wouldn’t matter, he emphasized.

“Juice ko, 23 pesos na ang sardinas ngayon. Di bale sana kung kasama na ang ulo ng isda. Sad, no?” ani Ogie said in his tweet.

Meanwhile, the well-known lawyer Atty. Ferdinand Topacio reacts to Ogie’s tweet. According to the lawyer for certain famous people, he will send a head of the fish to the talent manager.

“Saan ka nakatira. Padadalhan kita ng ulo ng isda,” Topacio said.

Ogie has not yet answered the lawyer’s challenge, despite the fact that he is notorious for having many demanding clients. In addition to the sardines, Diaz bemoaned the growing number of beggars on the streets and the government officials who she claimed gave preference to the “sipsip.”

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1 thought on “Topacio to Give Ogie Diaz “Ulo ng isda” Over Complain on Sardines Price”

  1. baka hindi alam ni ogie, isa sa malaking dahilan ng pagtaas ng presyo ng sardinas ay ang pagtaas ng presyo ng “lata” (tin), na ini-import pa ntin dahil wala tayong local production nito.. at hindi pwede ang basta “lata” (tin) lamang, dapat “food grade” na tin… at may problema pa rin tayo sa supply ng ating isda, isdang ginagawang sardinas!! Teka, alam kaya ni Ogie bakit inaalis at hindi kasama sa sardinas ang ulo ng isda? 😅😅😃😃😁😁


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