Former Millionaire Sells Sausages to Repay P365 Million Debt

Former Millionaire Ends Up Selling Sausages to Repay P365 Million Debt Due to Bankruptcy

A former millionaire businessman named Tang Jian started to sell grilled sausages to repay his debt worth $6.4 million or P364.96 million.

A 52-year-old businessman Tang Jian has declared bankruptcy after losing his wealth following his foray into the landscape engineering industry. The latter established numerous restaurants at the age of 36 prior to his bankruptcy.

In 2005, the entrepreneur ventured into the landscape engineering industry and ends up in a huge debt. Tang had no choice but to sell his properties including his restaurants, houses, and cars.

Former Millionaire

The bankrupt businessman decided to sell sausages at a stall in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou instead of giving up. Jian started his small business to gradually pay his debt worth $6.4 million or P364.96 million.

However, the former millionaire had no idea how long it will take to repay his debt and how many sausages he had to sell. The courageous man clarified that he will not run away from his debt.

Tang also encourage the public to find strength and explained that giving up is not an option. His story touched the hearts of the netizens and inspired people who have lost their livelihoods.

Former Millionaire

“Each of us lives a challenging life and encounters many difficulties, but we must hold on to a spirit of never being defeated. We have to keep learning to face difficulties calmly and to march ahead with courage,” Jian said.

The hardworking man also endorsed his products and bragged that his sausages are filled with meat and no starch has been added.

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Former Millionaire

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