Customer Received Coffee After Asking Lady Vendor About Her “Greatest what if”

Lady Vendor Sells Great Taste White Coffee to Customer Who Asked “What if bumalik yung greatest what if mo”

A lady vendor sells Great Taste white coffee to a customer who asked her “Ate, what if bumalik yung greatest what if mo?”

A Facebook user named Rhoy Adrian has shared the video footage of a lady vendor who gave him Great Taste white coffee after asking a question to the vendor. The video garnered various reactions from internet users.

In the video, it can be seen that Rhoy went to the counter and asked the vendor “Ate, what if bumalik yung greatest what if mo?” while the song “Jopay” by Mayonnaise is being played in the background.


However, the lady vendor misunderstood his question and gives him a pack of Great Taste white coffee. The vendor thought that he will buy a pack of coffee. Adrian had no choice but to buy it after falling into his own scheme.

Rhoy said that he and his friends decided to ask the vendor about her “greatest what if” just for fun. Unfortunately, they did not expect the vendor’s response to the question.

“Bali nagkakatuwaan lang po kami ng mga kaibigan ko kase lagi na lang pong puro what if nasa tiktok then sabi ko try ko kay ate mag what if (di po namin kilala si ate from cauayan) then pagkatanong ko po ng what if bumalik yung greatest what if niya, ang dinig pala niya great taste white hahaha so napabili nalang po kami,” Adrian said.

Adrian posted the video on his social media account. The video immediately spread like a wildfire online and the vendor send him a private message ‘Sorry hahaha sa pagod at dami ng costumer nabingi na ako hahahaha omg’.


The video has a caption;

“Ask lang naman ate bat mo ko binentahan”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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