Andrew Schimmer Reveals Latest Update on Wife’s Condition at the Hospital Now

Andrew Schimmer Speaks on Condition of Wife Jho Rovero Now

ANDREW SCHIMMER – The actor revealed the latest update on the condition of his wife, Jho Rovero, at the hospital now.

The journey of Jhoromy “Jho” Rovero, the non-showbiz wife of actor Andrew Schimmer, in her fight for her life is known to a lot of people. The actor has willingly shared updates about the condition of his wife since they were confined in the hospital several months ago.

Andrew and Jho were blessed with two (2) children, a daughter and a son. Their happy family was faced with a huge challenged with a sudden severe attack of asthma to Jho. It led to cardiac arrest and hypoxemia, a condition which is the result when the brain is deprived of enough oxygen. According to Andrew, their child woke him up one early morning telling him that his wife can’t breath.

Andrew Schimmer revealed that his wife was revived at the hospital upon their arrival. For more than eight (8) months, they were confined at the hospital as she fought for her life while he fights for their family – taking care of his wife and children, exhausting all means to provide the medical needs of his wife, making sure that his kids remain to have hopeful hearts, and a lot more.

Andrew Schimmer, Wife Jho Rovero
Photo: The Asian Parent Philippines

Last October 10, the wife of Andrew was released by St. Luke’s Medical Center. However, after a week, they were back at the hospital to stabilize her heart rate.

Andrew Schimmer
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Andrew Schimmer recently revealed the latest update about his wife, Jho Rovera, who is fighting for her at the hospital now. Based on an article on Pep, although she is still in a comatose state, there are huge improvements on her condition now.

The actor said that his wife’s digestive system is now in a better state and her blood pressure and oxygen saturation are stable. Based on the article, he expressed his feeling that his wife is really fighting and he’s happy that she’s “very, very strong”.

According to Andrew Schimmer, they will just take things slowly, step by step again. He vowed that he will never give up on his wife. He believes that everything happens for a reason and he’s happy that she is stable now.

“I will push through, we will push through… Everything happens for a reason. May rason ang Panginoon kung bakit tayo binigyan ng konting setback,” he said.

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