Iwa Moto Shares Encounter with Modern Beggars Using E-Wallets

Iwa Moto Stunned with Modern Beggars That Have E-Wallets for Begging

Kapuso actress Iwa Moto shares a hilarious encounter with modern beggars on the street that allegedly have e-wallets.

As technology progresses, online and cashless payments are becoming more and more common. Using banking and financial software on smartphones and other devices, you can now make purchases, pay bills, and transfer money without carrying cash.

Iwa Moto Beggars E-wallets

People are using e-wallets more frequently for speedier online and offline transactions, including Paypal, Gcash, Paymaya, and Maya applications. The majority of customers also like using e-wallets to avoid awkward cash transactions.

Iwa published a video on TikTok in which she discussed her interactions with beggars on the street. She claimed that when she stepped out of the automobile and made a purchase from a store inside their village, she was astonished by what she saw.

She said that he didn’t have any cash with her at the time of the story since the store only accepted electronic cash, like GCash. Three children of varying heights allegedly approached her as she made her way back to the car.

The kids begged her for alms so they could buy food. She declined to give though since she was out of funds. The youngest child responded that he had a GCash account, so just mail it to him when she replied she didn’t have coins on her.

Iwa was taken aback by the boy’s response. Iwa’s viral video has received many different responses from online users. At the end of the TikTok video, Iwa omitted to mention if he offered the three kids charity using the e-wallet.


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